Boring or Engaging?

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another key element in creating environments that are conducive to effective spiritual and cognitive growth has to do with the way you present information.  Whether you are preaching, teaching, selling, motivating or informing you need to ask yourself the following question: Is your presentation engaging? Without an engaging presentation, it does not matter how true, right, encouraging or motivational your information is.  Assuming that what you are teaching or preaching is true, no one is going to “get it” if you do not have an engaging presentation.

Jesus himself was not content to simply say what was true.  Jesus understood that to seek and save the lost, you must first capture their attention. He did this with parables and stories that were engaging. Jesus was a masterful example of disseminating information in an engaging way!

For those involved in Kingdom work, this concept of having an engaging presentation is so important.  Howard Hendricks was quoted as saying “it’s a sin to bore someone with the Word of God.”  Think about it…to present the Bible in a boring or un-engaging way is to teach the very opposite of what is intended.  If we are boring and un-engaging you are basically saying that the Bible is boring, the Bible is irrelevant, and the church is irrelevant.  Is this the message we want to send?  God Forbid!

If you are a Kingdom worker, you are in the presentation business whether you like it or not.  We are charged with PRESENTING the gospel!  Since this is our responsibility, we need to be good at it!

In Andy Stanley’s book Deep and Wide, he makes a great comparison between engaging presentations and restaurants.  “To engage is to secure ones attention.  Think about it.  Almost every time you go to a restaurant, you order chicken, beef, or fish.  Your favorite restaurant is not the one with the most exotic meat selection.  It’s the one with the best presentation of chicken, beef or fish!”

In Kingdom work, a great presentation is one that makes a well-known text come alive through illustration and fresh application.  Face it, the Red Sea always parts for the Israelites, David always beats Goliath, Peter always sinks when he walks on the water, and there will always be the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  The only thing that changes is the presentation!

I encourage you to do what it takes to have a relentless commitment to engaging presentations. God’s message is too important to do anything less than that!  


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