Steps…Not Plans for 2012

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have wrongly stated out loud many times that I did not like the term “walk with God”.  I used to say that it conjured up images of a stroll in the park, with a slight breeze blowing in your hair and classical music playing in the background.  It just wasn’t the image I wanted for my spiritual journey!  I have now come to realize that a “walk” is exactly the right term.  On a recent visit to Rockbridge Church in Dalton, GA, the pastor gave some incredible insight to this “walk”. You see God reveals “steps” not “plans” in our lives…that’s why the Bible calls it “a walk”.  Sure, God may give us a bigger picture from time to time as He did with Abraham, but usually in scripture God simply gives us the next few steps.  God gives us steps because  steps have to be cued off of Him.  Yes, we have to be totally dependent on Him for every step of our lives.  God gives us steps because we often turn our plans into idols.  Yeah, I know…convicting isn’t it?  This is so true though! Plans rarely survive attacks with the enemy because we tend to stray away from our close relationship to God.  Steps breed dependence on God and make us think relationally and not logically.  As pastor Matt Evans concluded, we need to surrender our plans, submit to God, and step with Him. I pray that in 2012, your walk will be dependent on God every step of the way!


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