Have you ever thought about God’s Word…I mean really thought about it?

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most of you know that I am back in school working on my seminary degree.  I want to share something that I learned that I had not really thought about concerning the Bible.  Humanly speaking, the circumstances in which the Bible was written should prevent any type of unity within the 66 books of the Bible.  Approximately 40 different people (many of whom did not know each other) wrote in different places over 1550 years, and they were writing on controversial subjects. Yet the Bible’s human writers wrote on controversial subjects with unity and harmony from Genesis to Revelation…Wow!  Today, a single author might write a series of books on controversial subjects without glaring inconsistencies, but not forty different authors.  Remember that many of the Bible’s human writers did not know each other.  They did not deliberately collaborate to produce a unified Bible.  They could not do so; they were separated by distance with no rapid means of communication and they wrote hundreds of years apart. The Bible’s unity could not happen by chance; it could only happen as a result of God’s supernatural guidance of the human writers. With only humans involved: 66 books + 40 writers + 1550 years = contradictions but because the Bible is inspired this formula looks like this:

“God-breathed” + 66 books + 40 writers + 1550 years = unity

God superintended human writers who were different from each other to give us a unified and consistent Bible. Contrast the Bible’s unity with other books claiming to be revelation from God, such as The Koran or The Book of Mormon. Though these other books were written by 1 man at 1 time , they are plagued by contradictions requiring revision or explanation. The Bible’s unity is evidence that it is “God-breathed” revelation.  Read it, believe it, live by it!



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