What if…

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

What if we, as Christians, rediscovered the role and reality of the Holy Spirit in our every day lives?  What if we saw ourselves as collaborators with the Holy Spirit, looking for ways that God is already at work, expecting God to give us a nudge?  What if we were in an attitude of prayer whenever we were with unchurched people and we were asking our all-knowing God this very powerful question: “Show me where you are at work today and take me there.”?  What if, as we go to work, school, the ball field, our neighborhoods, we were asking, “Lord, lead me to people who are receptive.  Is there someone you want me to talk to, care for or pray with?  Is there someone here who is hurting?”  What if…..

  1. Larry Wright says:

    Great challenge questions I needed. Thanks for who you are. I love your passion for our Lord.

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