I’m firing Superman!

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

As our church has reached over 1400 in attendance, I am realizing that there needs to be a major transition in how I approach leadership.  I want to move away from the  “hoard and retain control” model of leadership to more of an “empower and multiply” model.  According to Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer in their book entitled Transformational Church, the “Superman” view of pastoral leadership is causing many churches to implode.  The  book suggests, “Superman is for comic books, not for the body of Christ.”  This statement is so true!  So I am making changes!  I want to start saying, “How can I help you serve?” instead of saying, “How may I serve you?”  I am ready to take the plunge into the next level of leadership…it is easy to lead followers (1st level), it is another skill set to lead leaders (2nd level), but it is a major shift to lead others to lead others to join God on mission.  This shift is a God-sized vision.  This “me” to “we” mindset shift is risky, unsafe, and, just to be honest, a little uncomfortable.  So I am giving Superman his “walking papers” and making the shift to empower others to lead so that we can multiply the Kingdom efforts.


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