My Dad…My Father

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, my “Thursday Thoughts” have now become “Friday Night Insights”! I have been in my home town of Jonesborough, TN spending time with my Dad, who just got home from the hospital with a broken femur. I have never known my Dad to be “out of commission” in my 41 years of life. He has always been strong and he has never showed pain. My Dad is my hero! He is strong, yet gentle; he is quiet, yet he lives a bold life for Christ. So I have been spending these past few days helping him get acclimated to dealing with a major leg injury that is going to take several months to get back to “normal”. Spending this much time with Dad has allowed me to contemplate not only my relationship with my earthly father, but also my heavenly Father. One of the first clear points of demarcation between Christianity and every major world religion is the fact that we serve a God whom we can call “Father”. World religions speak of a God who is Judge…Christianity preaches a God who is Father. Imagine that, we serve a God who is a Father…not a holy policeman who wants to strike us down when we do wrong…not a God that is nothing more than a carved statue or a vague “force”… but a loving caring Father!  Yes, just as I used to crawl up in the lap of my Dad as a little boy and have his strong arms around me peeling an apple to eat, I can also crawl up in the lap of my heavenly Father and have him wrap his loving arms of peace, healing, grace and mercy around me.  Romans 8:15 tells us that, as Christians, we are adopted as sons into God’s family and we can call him “Abba Father”.  Have you spent time with your Father today?


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